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3 Magnificent Origami You'll Ever See 🎎 - culture Mar 20, 2024

Do you know Origami 折り紙? Folding paper to create various shapes, known as "origami," is one of Japan's traditional arts.

Today, I will share 3 examples of magnificent origami that will leave you speechless!

But first, let’s learn more about...

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💌 Valentine's Day vs. White Day: Do you know the difference? Japanese Culture 🎎 - culture Feb 21, 2024

Today, February 14th is バレンタインデー (Valentine’s Day)!

But did you know that in Japan, we have certain rules for this event? And what’s ホワイトデー (White Day)? And how is it related to Valentine’s Day?

Let's compare Valentine's Day...

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